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Guardrails to Help You Navigate the Social Security Appeal Process

by | Jul 23, 2018 | Social Security Disability

“The guard rails on a highway may restrict some folks from driving the way they want,
but (they) mostly end up saving the lives.”

Steven Weber

Filing an appeal for Social Security Disability is a road that can be difficult to navigate. To help you handle the curves ahead, we’ve put together a few ‘guardrails’ to help you along the way.

Give an accurate, realistic assessment of your symptoms.

This is not a time for embellishment, exaggeration or extremes. Overstating your symptoms will be an easily recognizable attempt to sway things in your favor and will likely exasperate the judge hearing your case. At the same time, don’t leave out important details that give a realistic picture of how your injury or symptoms are affecting you and your daily life.

Answer clearly.

Avoid generalities and be prepared to answer with specifics as they relate to your injury and symptoms. You should be able to articulate how often your symptoms occur, how long they last, what level of pain do they induce, what remedies bring relief. Be ready to talk plainly about timelines, when issues to your injuries occurred and the steps you’ve taken. Being clear builds credibility.

Be truthful, but don’t offer information that isn’t asked for.

It goes without saying, at the hearing for your social security appeal, you must be truthful. However, that does not mean that you must give information away that isn’t asked for. There’s no need to bring up issues or information that isn’t being requested.

Get a guide.

One of the best steps you can take before pursuing an appeal is to have a good guide to help you navigate the road ahead. Our firm offers free consultation and can help you determine what benefits you are qualified for, as well as assist you through the hearing process. Contact Denney, Morgan, Rather & Gilbert, LLC toll-free by phone at 859-908-1274 or online here.