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You Don’t Have to Take the First Offer from the Insurance Company

by | Jun 19, 2018 | Insurance, Personal Injury

Insurance adjusters and insurance companies are wired to settle for the minimum amount possible. If you have been injured on the job and are working through a workers compensation claim, be patient. It is a long process that requires a great deal of paperwork, doctor’s appointments and input from many different people. You may feel so ready to be finished with the claim that the money you see on the first offer from the insurance company may seem like the best offer there is. It may feel like the best option would be to just close this chapter and move on. But wait, you don’t have to take the first offer from the insurance company!

You Can Negotiate

Insurance adjusters will automatically offer you a smaller amount especially if they know you do not have the support of an attorney. They are testing to see if you are paying attention and know your options. Have an idea of what you are expecting for compensation for your injuries before speaking with the insurance adjustor.

Know the Details

Make sure that you are well-versed in the details about your workers compensation claim including the assets and flaws surrounding your claim. The insurance adjuster will talk with you extensively about the details of your injury and this process, which can be overwhelming and can seem repetitive.

Ask Questions

Be prepared to ask questions of the adjustor. Make sure that you know that you can talk with them about why they feel the offer they made is good. Have specific points on what losses you have suffered and make sure they are taking every detail into consideration.

Reservation of Rights

Reservation of rights letter is only a letter stating that the insurance company is reviewing your claim and investigating the details. It is normal to receive these letters from an insurance company. They are protecting themselves. If they find that the claim you have made is not covered by your insurance policy, then they are stating that they will not pay to cover your injuries.

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