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Central Kentucky Child Support Modification Laws

by | Jul 17, 2018 | Firm News

“In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”
-Benjamin Franklin

There are only a few things in life that are intractably set in stone. Everything else is subject to change. Life itself has a way of being unpredictable and minor changes in circumstances can sometimes force us to make major adjustments. When that change in circumstances comes via child support orders, it may be of some comfort to know that in the state of Kentucky (as in many other states) support orders can be changed and modified.

Whether the court has ordered you to pay child support, or you are receiving child support for your child, you can request that the amount be changed. There are many reasons that this request may be granted. Here’s how it works.

When Can I Request Child Support Modification?

The Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS) may review and adjust a parent’s support obligation if:

  • Either parent requests a review
  • If the custodial parent receives public assistance for the child

As a general rule, if either parent has experienced a material change in circumstances that results in 15% increase or decrease in the amount due per month according to the Child Support Guidelines, the CHFS may make an adjustment.

Reasons for Requesting Child Support Modification

Job loss, or a change in employment that results in a sizable raise can make the current support obligation unreasonable. A new baby added to the family, a change of custody for the child, or a relocation of the family can also be a reason to modify the support amount. In addition, a request to add health insurance or medical support can result in a change of the child support order. The CHFS will act in the best interest of the child and does not represent either party.

How to Request A Child Support Review

If you are the parent who is requesting a review, you need to provide the following:

  • Income information, such as your gross monthly salary and other income sources
  • Heath insurance payments for the child made by you or your spouse
  • Child support payments that you pay for older children
  • Child care expenses for the child
  • Court-ordered spousal support payments for a former spouse.

In some cases, the amount can be adjusted without having a court hearing, provided that both parties are in agreement.

Denney, Morgan, Rather & Gilbert Can Help

If you have had a change in life circumstances and feel that the child support order should be reviewed, we can help. At Denney, Morgan, Rather & Gilbert, we will work diligently to get the adjustments needed to fit your needs today. Our attorneys are committed to remaining accessible to our clients and we are committed to clearly communicating every step of the way.

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