Why You Need An Experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Why You Need An Experienced Workers' Compensation Attorney

If you’ve been hurt on the job, not only is your physical recovery on the line, but also your livelihood and future provision for your family is at stake.  Making sure you retain the counsel of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney could mean the difference in getting the compensation you and your family need as you work to recover from the accident.

Here are a few things to consider when searching for the right attorney.

Communication Matters A Great Deal

The back-and-forth nature of any workers’ compensation claim can be difficult for anyone to manage. We believe communication is key to navigating these sometimes-troubled waters. When your employer’s insurance company offers a deal, you want your attorney to share it with you immediately along with the well-informed counsel as to why you should or should not take it.

There Is No Replacement For Experience

Some firms practice law, have little success, and still maintain a good income. It is important to know what kind of experience your attorneys have. While our past success does not guarantee future results, Denney, Morgan, Rather & Gilbert are prepared to leverage our 50 years combined experience in workers’ compensation results for the benefit of your claim.

When Push Comes To Shove

What happens if your employer or your employer’s insurance provider decides your injury is not severe enough and denies your claim outright?  You’ll need workers’ compensation attorneys who are poised to take your case to trial and prepared to provide aggressive representation in the courtroom.

People First Always Wins

Everyone says they put people first. What if your attorney actually did?  At Denney, Morgan, Rather & Gilbert, we not only offer free initial consultations to hear about your claim, if we take your case it will be on a contingency fee basis. Our payment is dependent on winning workers’ compensation for you.

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