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At Gilbert Law Group PLLC, we can provide you with legal representation needed in Lexington area courts to get the compensation you are entitled. Oftentimes when one is the victim of a serious injury at the fault of another, he or she feels lost as to how an official comp claim should proceed. At Gilbert Law Group PLLC, we help you maneuver the complex legal system to aid in better understanding your rights. 

Comp laws and regulations are complex, confusing, and different from state to state. If you have been injured in the Lexington area, you need to speak with a knowledgeable comp attorney. When the employees of Gilbert Law Group PLLC take on your case, they work to uncover every detail to try and ensure great results for your situation.

You may have received a settlement offer from an insurance company in the Lexington area, or a defendant handling your comp case, and you may be wondering whether to accept. At Gilbert Law Group PLLC, we know from experience when insurance companies from the Lexington area make genuine offers, and when they are holding back. Call Gilbert Law Group PLLC for legal guidance today. 

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Do not let comp problems ruin your life in the Lexington area. We have spent 100 years striving to provide clients with proper representation in Lexington area courts.

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What Our Clients Say About US

I wanted to thank you and your team for everything Theresa. Whether we win or lose we think you all did a remarkable job. You were stellar in that hearing room, you went to bat for me and I thank you so much.

Tim S., Winchester

Thank you for your professionalism and open-mindedness. You and your client did a wonderful job at presenting your position. I wish her well.

Dan - Attorney for the other side

“I just wanted to thank you and your staff for helping me resolve my workers comp case. I had my surgery on Tuesday and it was discovered my ligament had been separated from the bone, which was causing the pain I felt. The surgeon inserted pins inside of my wrist. Again, thank you for everything."

Leonard S., Lexington